Self-Made Millionaires Teach Their Kids These Lessons On Wealth

Parents have plenty of questions for which they need to provide the answers to their children. They must explain everything from why they should not run into the street to why going to school is important. How do they teach children about money? How do you teach them to get rich?

Likely, you do not have an answer because you would not call yourself rich. How do the rich approach this question? Here is what self-made millionaires tell their kids about wealth.

You Deserve To Have Wealth

This statement could be read as arrogant, when in fact it comes from a place of humbleness. Self-made millionaires teach their children that they deserve to be rich not because they were born into the right family but because they work hard to solve other’s problems. Capitalism allows you to earn your place.

Wealth Leads To Freedom

Having money eliminates tons of the issues which people find themselves in when they do not have it. Not happy with your current living situation? You can pack up and leave. Do you hate your job? Why not start your own business. Upset about a global disaster? Donate what you can to the cause. Money allows you to enjoy life on your own terms.

You’re Not Entitled

A big lesson they teach their kids is that the world owes them nothing. They must create their own lives and futures. It’s important to teach kids about self-reliance. Entitlement continues grow, but  it’s important to teach against these values.

Solve Problems To Earn Your Wealth

In a free market economy, everyone is looking for a way to make a buck. If you come up with an idea to solve the world’s problem, there will be a demand for it. The bigger the problem the more difficulty you might have getting it off the ground, but it could also make you filthy rich. Pairing your skills with problem solving could be the way towards wealth.