This Tea Company Is Surprising People With Free Gifts

There’s no denying that the world is an uncertain place right now. People have lost their jobs, companies are going out of business on a daily basis, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find joy in the smaller things in life. However, a tea company has found a solution to all of these problems, and they are now surprising people with free gifts — and it’s pretty incredible.

This Tea Company Is Surprising People With Free Gifts

A Struggling Company

A loose tea company found itself in a similar situation to many other businesses during the ongoing pandemic. Their business slowed down, they had to lay off their employees, and they wondered whether they would be able to keep going. Yet, they soon had a genius idea to spread joy around the local area, and it has since changed the lives of countless people.

Getting Tea-P’d

When you think of getting tee-p’d, you probably think of rolls of toilet paper draped over your house and yard — normally inflicted by young people who need a little fun in their lives. However, those who live in Orlando have since been introduced to a new form of tea-p’ing. That’s because they are waking up to special deliveries that include adorable signs and care packages from Infusion Tea.

This Tea Company Is Surprising People With Free Gifts

A Care Package

This idea was first thought up to help the company maintain business during the coronavirus pandemic, but they had no idea that it would be so popular. Now, they have had thousands of residents buy this contactless care package for their relatives and friends, and they have become so busy they have been able to re-hire their staff! These care packages come complete with toilet paper, loose tea flavors, and personalized yard signs.

It’s amazing to see how businesses are coping during these uncertain times, and we love to see a plan come together. Not only does this tea company spread joy with their free gifts, but they’ve saved their business in the process.