How Technological Advancements Are Hindering The Interview Process For An Employee

Technological advancements in society have certainly helped in many ways, but when it comes to finding the right job, is machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) hindering our opportunities, as well as the recruitment process?


After applying for over 55 jobs, a graduate from Cardiff University named Peter Lane, felt that the interview process was not at all as he was expecting. Hoping to get into business consulting, Lane found that “They were all video-based screening interviews – I didn’t even meet my potential employers. There was no way to tell if I’d impressed them with my answers or experience as there was no human interaction.”

Not only are interviews done online, but the automated rejection letters are another issue for the young graduate. “Only 10% of potential employers have given me detailed feedback,” he says. “As jobseekers, we need to know where and how we can improve – whether that’s with our resumes, job experience or even personality.”


The reality, however, is this is the new world of tech-driven recruitment and something we are going to have to get used to. Employers do not have the time for hiring and firing, so to automate as much as possible, will work mostly in their favor.

As for AI, it is the answer to many corporate recruitments prayers. “AI helps reduce those unconscious and conscious biases in recruitment practices by removing common tendencies, like hiring those similar to you and first impressions,” highlights Elle Robinson from management consultancy Kiddy & Partners.


“By observing speech, tone and facial movements in filmed interviews, well-programmed algorithms can both speed up the recruitment process and more objectively determine suitable candidates based on the core criteria for a role.” Furthermore, computers work much faster at whittling down resumes and can point out the better applicants amongst the long list of keywords associated with the job role.

“Employers don’t have time to check the credibility and assess the skills of every potential candidate,” says Chris Butt, founder and chief executive of Cognisess, a predictive analytics company. “Our system creates a digital profile of not just data from their resume, but their responses via assessments and video interviews.”