This Teen Has Opened A Bakery To Help The Homeless

It’s heartwarming reading a story about someone who gives something for nothing. It’s not every day that you find someone willing to give the time or commitment to a cause, all for nothing in return. However, this teen has decided to open a bakery for that reason.

This Teen Has Opened A Bakery To Help The Homeless

It All Began With A Passion For Baking

To help someone, you also need to have something to give them. This can be as simple as some time and a helping hand. However, for Michael Platt, he wanted to share his love of baking with people in need. With the help of YouTube, Michael watched how other people baked online, learning recipes, and coming up with new ideas. He decided he would put himself to the test.

He Founded His Own Business

At the very young age of eleven, he founded his own bakery business, but it wasn’t just based around making money… Although that certainly did come in handy. He opened up Michael’s Desserts which had a unique focus on helping the homeless, here is how Michael decided he would help others in need.

This Teen Has Opened A Bakery To Help The Homeless

He Matches Every Cupcake That Gets Sold

It’s inspiring that someone of such a young age would be interested in helping those less fortunate. However, Michael was determined to help people, so with every cupcake he sold, he would donate one to the homeless. He’s had pessimistic people claim that his business model is unsustainable and it wouldn’t last long.

Where He Is Now

Michael partnered with No Kid Hungry to also help spread his idea. Skeptics have claimed that homeless people don’t need cupcakes, but Michael explained that they bring a smile to people’s faces and that’s enough for him.

Michael, now 13, continues to run his bakery business and help the homeless to this day!