Farmer Does His Bit For The Planet By Planting 2 Million Sunflowers

Many of us want to do whatever we can to help the planet. One farmer decided he wanted to make the world a brighter place in any way he could. It wasn’t long before he took to the fields and started planting 2 million sunflowers.

Creating The Beauty

Scott Thompson comes from a long line of farmers. He now runs Thompson Strawberry Farm in Kenosha County, but things have been a little different for Scott. He decided that he needed to add a little light into people’s lives during these strange times, so he started by planting 2 million sunflowers.

Making Things Perfect

Every aspect of the flowers was thought about, including making sure they were perfect for photos. Scott revealed that he deliberately planted shorter sunflowers so that people could have a sea of yellow behind them as they posed for pictures.

Bringing People Joy

People only need to pay $25 to explore the 2 million sunflowers. Here, they are free to walk among the fields and enjoy the sun on their face. This is all before Scott encourages people to cut the flowers to take home for themselves. He doesn’t want the joy to end when they leave for the day.

Helping The Community

Scott wanted to help the world and the local community in any way that he could. The sunflowers all started as a way to help people in the area, but people are now traveling for hundreds of miles to see them for themselves. Apparently, Scott wanted to create a place for people to safely enjoy the outdoors and forget the rest of the world for a time.

Some people are too good for this world. Scott wanted to improve people’s lives in these dark times and help the planet. What better way to bring a smile to someone’s face than by planting 2 million sunflowers?