George Clooney Surprised 14 Friends With A Million Dollars Each

George Clooney is now one of the biggest actors in the world, but he wasn’t born that way. Sure he was born with charisma and the talent to be a super famous actor, but he had to work hard. All of the hard work eventually paid off for Clooney, and he has been fortunate enough to rake in millions at the box office. With so much net worth, Clooney decided to do something nice for his friends and surprised them with $1 million each.

George Clooney Surprised 14 Friends With A Million Dollars Each

Setting The Trap

Clooney has a group of friends that he calls “The Boys” and he told these 14 guys to come around to his house on September 27, 2013. One of the friends in that circle is American businessman Rande Gerber, who explained to E! about the moment his long-time friend splashed the cash. Gerber said that Clooney told him that “The Boys” were all coming round for dinner and that was it.

Springing The Surprise

When all of Clooney’s guests arrived at his home on September 27, 2013, they found a black suitcase sitting in their places around the table. The actor spoke openly to his friends, thanking them for the roles they played in getting him to where he was in his life. Clooney said he had slept on many of their couches, and they all supported him in their own ways. Because of everything they did for him, Clooney decided to “give back.”

George Clooney Surprised 14 Friends With A Million Dollars Each

Opening The Suitcases

All of Clooney’s guests opened their suitcases to find $1 million in each of them. The actor said this was for everything they had done in getting him to where he was. It was important to Clooney that his friendship group had remained intact.

Clooney said he knew some of his friends had been through some hard times and that some were still going through it. The money was for their kids, partners, mortgages, or college funds. He wanted his friends to stop having to live from paycheck to paycheck.

Not everyone around that table needed the money and Gerber tried to give it back to Clooney. The last thing the Hollywood star said about the donations was that if Gerber didn’t take his then the rest of them wouldn’t be getting theirs. It’s safe to assume Gerber took his for the good of the group.