Hero Dogs Save Owner From Attack

They call dogs a man’s best friend for a reason. Although some are only good for a good old’ cuddle on your lap, and others will just stare at you all day begging to play fetch, mostly all of them will always protect and guard their owner when they need too.

No one knows this more than an Argentinian man whose livelihood was saved after his two hero dogs came running to his rescue. But what happened? Well, the ordeal was caught on CCTV, and it certainly provides evidence that everyone needs a man’s best friend by their side at all times.

Hero Dogs Save Owner From Attack

Attempted Robbery

The unknown Argentinian man was innocently cleaning out the trunk of his car which was parked up outside of his house, while his two boxers were inside the vehicle watching his every move. The CCTV footage then shows two men slowly but surely approach either side of the man’s vehicle suspiciously, obviously making a tactical approach in order to carry out a robbery on him and the contents of his vehicle.

As one of the men grabs him violently from the back around the neck, the other ventures round to the side of the vehicle. Yet seeing their owner attacked, the dogs both furiously leap out of the car and jump up at the two men, forcing them to release the owner and flee the scene.

Hero Dogs Save Owner From Attack

Hero Dogs

The dogs didn’t let them leave without a fight though, as the two canines are then seen chasing them down the street barking aggressively to let them know who is boss. The owner is seen dazed and confused, but thankfully unharmed from the attempted armed robbery.

It’s also been confirmed that the two dogs returned to the owner without any injuries, so it’s safe to say that their protection worked wonders. One thing for sure is that they make excellent guard dogs!