Louis Tomlinson Helps 83-Year-Old Widower Tick Off His Bucket List

When people hear the name Louis Tomlinson, one thing usually comes to mind – One Direction. The singer had his life changed in 2010 when he became a member of the boy band, and he spent several years as part of the world’s biggest musical group. When they went on an indefinite hiatus in 2016, fans were distraught, but the boys used the split as an opportunity to each carve out a solo career. Tomlinson has managed that pretty well, especially now he’s using his time to help widowers complete their bucket list.

Louis Tomlinson Helps 83-Year-Old Widower Tick Off His Bucket List

Lost In Grief

Life hasn’t been the easiest for Louis since the group split. In the last few years, he’s had to say goodbye to his mom and, more recently, his half-sister. While the former passed away from leukemia in late 2016, the latter only lost her life in March of this year. She’d been just 18-years-old, so her loss came as a massive shock to the singer who was still dealing with his earlier grief. Thankfully, Tomlinson wasn’t alone in his pain.

Sharing His Pain

When the singer met 83-year-old Richard, he might have thought they wouldn’t have much in common. However, he soon discovered that they’d both experienced a devastating loss in their life. Richard was a widow, and he was still trying to get over the passing of his wife. What made her loss more painful was the fact that the bucket list they’d shared together remained incomplete. The love of his life had left him before they’d managed to finish it.

Louis Tomlinson Helps 83-Year-Old Widower Tick Off His Bucket List

Completing The List

As it turned out, the pair had more in common than their grief. Richard also considers himself a singer, and his passion for the artform prompted Tomlinson to make a big decision. He wanted to help the widower complete everything on the bucket list so he could finally put that part of his life to rest. However, he wanted to do it on film. So, together the pair got tattoos, rode a rollercoaster, and even sung on stage, all for Louis’ latest music video.

Tomlinson’s single, Two of Us, is one that he wrote for his late mother, so using this footage for the video felt particularly poignant. The duo has been through immense grief, but rather than letting their emotions get the better of them, they put everything they had into enjoying themselves and living life to the fullest.