An Old Video Of Steve Irwin Is Going Viral For The Most Adorable Reason

Although he is sadly no longer be around, there’s no doubt the fact that Steve Irwin will always be an international treasure. The Aussie crocodile hunter made waves during the ‘90s as ‘00s as the kind of man who would do anything for the animals. He owned his own zoo, he spent his free time hanging out with animals and rescuing them from despair, and it seemed as though animals had taken over his life. However, before he passed away, Irwin also got to spend a few years with his children, and during that time he filmed this heartbreaking video…

An Old Video Of Steve Irwin Is Going Viral For The Most Adorable Reason

The Ultimate Father

Steve Irwin dedicated his whole life to animals, but it was one particular animal that took his life back in 2006. A stingray sting to the chest meant that the world lost a legend, but Bindi and Robert Irwin also lost a father. They were just 8 years old and 2 years old respectively at the time, and although Robert doesn’t remember too much about his father, Bindi has fond memories of the time they shared together. In fact, she even has videos.

Sharing The Video

Bindi is now 20 years old and continuing the legacy of her father. She has a huge social media presence, and in April 2019 she shared a video on Facebook that featured her father. The clip showcased Steve Irwin talking about his life but especially talking about his children and his role as a dad. At the start of the video, he noted that he never had any intentions of becoming a father. It had never appealed to him, and he never saw that as part of his journey. However, when he met his wife and welcomed Bindi into the world, that all changed for him.

An Old Video Of Steve Irwin Is Going Viral For The Most Adorable Reason

Getting Choked Up

After watching countless videos of Steve Irwin over the years, the passion he shares for animals is apparent. You can see it in his eyes, and you can hear it in his voice. Yet, this is nothing compared to the way he talks about his daughter. In the video, he got choked up, and he spoke of how proud he was of his daughter and the little lady that she was becoming.

There’s no doubt about the fact that Steve would be even prouder of her now.