These Young Boys Stopped Pokemon Hunting To Help Elderly Man

Pokemon Go has been a huge success for kids all over the world as they can turn their environments into a living hunting ground for the fictional creatures. All kids need is a smartphone and some paths to follow. These young boys were in the middle of hunting some Pokemon when they saw an elderly man in trouble, so they decided to help.

These Young Boys Stopped Pokemon Hunting To Help Elderly Man

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Daniel Coyle-Smith and Blake Ockleston, both 13, were playing Pokemon Go in Auckland, New Zealand. Nearby was an elderly man who was struggling to cross the road, but most young kids wouldn’t even notice him. They would be too wrapped up in searching for more Pokemon to even acknowledge the man, let alone what Daniel and Blake did.

A Double-Crossing

Blake said he and Daniel noticed the man nearby and could tell he was shaking as he waited to cross the road. The man was standing next to his walker and Blake said the man “looked like he was struggling to walk.” The two teenagers were hunting Pokemon but decided it was probably for the best if they put that on hold.

These Young Boys Stopped Pokemon Hunting To Help Elderly Man

Time To Step In

Although hunting the Pokemon was great fun, Daniel and Blake realized this man needed their help. The friends held onto the man as they helped him across the road but only managed to get halfway across when the lights turned green for the cars. The traffic was getting ready to start again, but Daniel made sure to stop it as Blake continued trying to help the man across the road.

Coming Up With A Solution

The boys didn’t want the man to get hurt, so they sat him down in his walker and pushed him across both crossings to safety. They even walked him to the train station he was going to and left him in the care of a security guard. From there, the security guard could look after the elderly man and allow the friends to get back to catching Pokemon.

It wasn’t what they set out to do, but these two young heroes gave up the chase for Pokemon to help out an elderly man they could see was struggling. Thanks to their efforts, the elderly man was able to cross the road safely, and the boys were free to go hunting again.