Truffles the Rescue Cat Models Glasses to Help Kids Gain Confidence

Many children are unhappy about having to wear prescription glasses or an eye patch to resolve different eye conditions. That’s why Truffles, a former stray cat, by the initiative of her owner, Danielle Crull started wearing glasses to help children feel better and gain confidence in wearing them as well! The rescue cat’s pictures are a hit on social media!

Truffles the stray cat pictured on a couch, wearing pink glasses A Stray Kitty Got a Forever Home

In 2016, Truffles was found in a church camp in Pennsylvania and swiftly adopted by Danielle Crull and her family. The cat has a sweet temperament and was quickly learning tricks such as to give a high five or sit on command. As a master optician, Crull came to the idea of teaching the pet to wear glasses and help their young clients feel more comfortable when being fitted for glasses.

Owner Danielle Crull (left) and Truffles the cat (right) Children Loved the New Shop Assistant

Crull started bringing Truffles to her office called A Child’s Eyes, located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Children as young as four months old are brought there to be fitted for prescription glasses or eye patches. When children are feeling insecure or scared of trying on glasses, Truffles comes out modeling his own pair and the mood immediately changes. Crull said that the cat’s calm demeanor and charisma bring kids from tears to a sunny and joyful mood.

Truffles posing in green glasses next to a poster of Truffles in green glasses Truffles Became an Online Sensation

This amazing cat has over 20 pairs of glasses that are fitted to be comfortable and don’t have any lenses. The owner has been posting images of the cat modeling all the glasses on social media where the kitty gained a significant following. She also stars in her own educational videos about how to properly choose and wear eyeglasses. As the popular kitty receives many messages from kids, the owner always responds on her behalf with words of encouragement or gifts.