The Best Cough Remedies For Your Cold

Not only can winter be gloomy and grey, but it always seems to come with a never-ending cycle of illness. No matter how hard you try, you never can truly avoid getting that seasonal cough. Since it is already ruining your days, why not find the best method for containing it and suppressing it? Not all coughs are the same. Fortunately for you, most coughs can be cured with rest and home remedies. Here are some cough remedies for any situation.


It seems obvious, but by staying hydrated, you have a better chance to defeat a simple cough. Fluids help thin out mucus which leads to less irritation in the throat. Not keen on drinking water? Sitting in the steam from a hot shower or a steam room can have the same effect.

Chicken Soup

There is a reason your mom gave you chicken soup when you stayed home from school. Between the heat and the spices, it helps open up your sinuses. In addition, the broth contains collagen which boosts the immune system.


If your cough comes with a sore throat as well, honey will help alleviate that irritation. Some studies have shown that honey works just as well as some over-the-counter medications. However, do not use honey to help an infant’s cough. It can lead to infant botulism. Infants can’t digest honey well until they are about a year old.

Cough Drops

While plenty of doctors will not recommend over the counter cough medicine, they do believe in the power of cough drops. Similar to honey, the cough drop helps moisten and soothe your throat. The addition of menthol helps numb those irritated areas. After cough drops, many doctors will just suggest a prescription drug with some strength to knock out that cough.