16 Incredibly Nostalgic Things That Technology Has Saved Us From

Nostalgic photographs have the ability to take you back to a simpler, more innocent time. But where those times really as magnificent as our minds like to pretend they were? What about having to carry around a giant flip phone? Or sitting by the radio for hours just to record your favorite song on cassette tape? Maybe those annoying memories have helped us foster appreciation for the convenience we experience in the things we have today. Kids today don’t have to deal with the same problems we did but we’re better off for it.

Cassette Nightmares

Remember listening to your favorite mix tapes only to have them tragically get stuck mid Spice Girls song? How terrible was rewinding the cassette spool by hand? Thank god for MP3’s!


MSN Messenger

Remember when a “nudge” was a flirty move and changing your font on MSN font signified your mood?  So many of those heart to heart conversations we wish never happened..but thank god none of those awkward face-to-face rejections…


But First, Let Me Pick A CD

Remember when picking music for a road trip could take close to an hour? You could only listen to the same 12 tracks until your co-pilot decided to be a champ and change the disc. Oh, and let’s not forget the massive CD books.


Dial Up

Remember fighting with your mom to get off the phone because you were trying to connect to the Internet? Ahh the good ol’ days! It’s not really one of those nostalgic things we miss – but we were all there together.


The Struggle Was Real

Remember those moments when you painstakingly typed a message to your boyfriend, including a heartfelt confession and it took you a solid 15 minutes to get all the right keys working? I sure don’t miss having to hit the same key 4 times to get the letter “S”. It’s definitely became easier with touch screens. Ah the memories…


Optical Illusion? Nope, Just Internet Explorer

Unfortunately, this happened way to often. Remember trying to close this annoying window only to see it multiplied all over your screen?! Its definitely giving us the anxiety shivers.


Life Before  iTunes

Not only did you have to carry around those horrendous CD cases – but you had this monstrosity to take with you!  You couldn’t just fit your music in your pocket, and running outside to your favorite tunes just didn’t happen.


Limited Memory

Now we might see this annoying message from Apple about having limited iCloud space,  but back in the day, it was about your SMS files. I hated having to go through each message one by one and carefully selecting what to delete.

nostalgic- message

The Search Button

The search button was a never-ending labyrinth of different games and applications. Thanks a lot, Windows, for wasting precious minutes of my childhood years.


Just Blow

Get your mind out of the gutter! Back in the day this just meant “get those Nintendo cartridges to work!” Hitting the TV and blowing on the game boy cartridges seemed to do the trick every time.


Blockbuster Struggles

Before Netflix and streaming video, there was Blockbuster. The only problem was that you could never seem to agree on what to rent and spent hours aimlessly wandering the aisles…


The Logitech Trackball

Long before the high tech apple mouse and new track pads, there was this – Logitech Trackball Mouse. Cutting edge stuff!  Current trackpads are definitely under-appreciated.


Tape Recording

Whether you were trying to catch your favorite song or the new episode of your favorite TV show, the process was always a hassle. Not only did you have to wait forever for the thing to come on, but the cassette tape always seemed to get stuck in the middle of recording.


White Fuzz

Remember when this screen could easily prevent you from watching Saturday morning cartoons? Or falling asleep to late night programs and waking up at 2 am to white fuzz. Man it sucked!

nostalgic- fuzz

Press The Button

Before technology advanced considerably, you actually had to press a button to turn your devices on and off. The touch screen generation definitely won’t understand our struggle.

nostalgic- windows

Advanced Technology

Having a cassette player in your car was not only expensive but also an incredibly advanced tool. Everyone had that friend who felt like a big deal thanks to this simple piece of technology.

nostalgic- car