World’s Largest 3D Printer Can Build A Home For Under $100

With rising housing costs and overcrowding in the major metropolitan centers, the solution to our problems has arrived in the most unexpected fashion. The world’s largest 3D printer is set to revolutionize the housing market by making affordable and durable houses out of just concrete or even mud. WASP- also known as the World’s Advanced Saving Project is using a giant 40 foot 3D printer to craft custom homes without creating a carbon footprint.

The first prototype home was completed for a total cost of only $53, making it accessible for countless people to purchase a home. In an interview with GoodNews Network, Massimo Moretti explained the process behind construction.“Clay and straw with no additive can be easily printed in 3d,” Moretti says. “The period of transformation from liquid to solid allows to print around 60 centimeters per day, or even more in the summer (maybe one meter per day). Therefore: two men and one machine can 3D-print a comfortable and healthy shelter in a very short time and with really little money.” WASP and Italian Innovator Moretti hope that the project will provide safe housing for people living in poverty stricken areas, and they aren’t the only company undertaking this feat!

3D printer-WASP

In China, a two story, 400 square meter home was completed using the same technique in just over six weeks with only minimal assistance from manual laborers. The Beijing-based firm, Huashang Tengda claim their house can withstand an earthquake up to a level eight on the Richter scale. What an amazing technological advancement! The home constructed in China was reinforced with steel rebar and built in multiple layers to ensure safety and durability. Twenty tons of concrete were used to make the 250cm thick walls of the villa but the company is sure they can construct buildings of all sizes including high-rises and structures with unconventional shapes. This revolutionary new technique has the power to change the world and judging by the growing international buzz surrounding it, it won’t be long before it does!