This 30-Year-Old Has Just Had His First Ever Birthday Party

Birthday parties are something that many of us have taken for granted over the years. However, one 30-year-old man was about to get his first ever birthday party and a whole lot more thanks to his new family.

This 30-Year-Old Has Just Had His First Ever Birthday Party

Scared And Alone

Chris Barrington was found walking through Gatesville, Texas until he was picked up by the sheriff’s department. It turned out that he had been walking around for two days before he was found on the highway.

Learning His Story

Although Chris is 30 years old, he has special needs and only functions at a 6-year-old’s level. Sadly, his father was suffering from late-stage leukemia and was no longer able to move.

Looking For Help

The sheriffs needed to find help. Chris couldn’t remember any of his family’s names, but he did remember his junior high teacher, Girard. The pair hadn’t spoken in years.

This 30-Year-Old Has Just Had His First Ever Birthday Party

Taking Him In

Girard soon learned Chris’ story and wanted to help. She learned that he would be sent to an institution if she didn’t step up, so she applied for guardianship when his father passed away.

His First Party

It turned out that Chris had never had a birthday party – until now. Girard wanted to give Chris the life she knows that he deserves after going through so much already.

A Year Of Firsts

That wasn’t all. Girard wants 2019 to be a year of firsts for Chris as she has teamed up with JMB Fishing. It turns out that Chris loves to head out on the lake and ride around on the boat.

Until now, Chris has never experienced birthday, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. Although they haven’t spoken to each other in years, Girard knew there was no way that she could let Chris disappear from her life again. Now, Chris can learn how to enjoy his life once again.