91-Year Old Veteran Dining Alone Gets A Surprise Guest

As Lisa sat down to eat dinner with her family at their favorite Pennsylvania restaurant, she noticed something that tugged at her heartstrings. A man in his late elder years sat down next to them to eat his meal alone.

Naturally, Lisa wondered where he was from and what the story of his long life might be. He had a wedding ring on, making her wonder where his wife was or if she had already passed on to the other side. As curiosity raced inside of her, the server came over to take his order.

The man apologized for his poor hearing – he’d lost a lot of it during his service in the army. Immediately, the server got down on his knee to make sure he was looking right into the old man’s eyes as they spoke. He then asked him how old he was.

The war veteran answered that he was 91 years old.

91-Year Old Veteran Dining Alone Gets A Surprise Guest

After telling him his food would be ready soon, the server went to attend to the order – and Lisa considered inviting him to their table.

But someone else had the same idea.

The server promptly came back, and actually sat down across from the man. And they started talking, and didn’t stop for a long time. A good while later, the man apologized for taking up his time. “I’m alone now,” he said, “and I don’t often have someone to talk to.” But Dylan couldn’t have been happier for his company, and spent the whole break with him.

91-Year Old Veteran Dining Alone Gets A Surprise Guest

Lisa waited for the veteran to finish eating, and called Dylan over to offer to gift him the meal. But with a smile, Dylan told her that someone else had beaten her to her idea again! It seemed like the whole restaurant had taken note of this special moment.