To Go Minimalist, This Woman Transformed A Bus To A Home On Wheels

There is a popular trend happening right now in the housing market. Forget the big mansions and the outlandish homes — there is something much more appealing at the moment. Jessie Lipskin was one of the people to be taking on this new housing concept.

Tiny houses are all the rage, but she wanted to be able to move around and therefore needed a home on wheels! She went onto eBay and bought a vintage 1966 GMC that would be become her new project and one day it would be her home.

Jessie knew this would be a big project to take on, so she hired a crew to help her out. The team had to rip out the whole inside of the old bus and then it was a blank canvas! It took three years for her dream to become a reality, but as they say, good things come to those who wait!

This small space was incredibly versatile, and she had a kitchen, bedroom, and seating area as well as nice little spot for her to read. After that, she put her own personal touch on her tiny house by adding decorations like candles, pictures, and other pretty decorations.

She said that it was difficult to find the right people to help create her new home but the ones she did, everything came together. What was the total cost of the tiny house on wheels? It cost her about $70,000, and it would give her some incredible memories as she embarked on her life on the road.

This mobile apartment gave Jessie the chance to escape from her city life and begin a new journey of adventures by traveling from the comfort of her modern yet movable home.