Student With Autism Gets Diploma And Silent Standing Ovation

Graduating from high school and earning your diploma can be a huge moment for many. So what about when no one claps at your name? One student with autism was welcomed to a silent standing ovation for all the right reasons – and no one could believe the kindness in the room.

Student With Autism Gets Diploma And Gets Silent Standing Ovation

Scared For Their Son

21-year-old Jack Higgins was so worried about collecting his diploma that he walked onto the stage with his hands over his ears. It turns out that Jack has severe autism, and his parents were worried about the crowd as noise is one of his many sensory triggers. However, they had always dreamed of watching Jack walk across the stage to receive his diploma.

Making An Announcement

Jack’s mom met with the principal of the school, Lou Riolo, to discuss her fear. It was then that Lou thought of the perfect answer. The students were busy celebrating their final mark of high school when the principal made an announcement. He stated that Jack was about to collect his diploma, but everyone needed to be silent to make it happen.

Student With Autism Gets Diploma And Gets Silent Standing Ovation

A True Celebration

No one knew if it was going to work. However, the teachers and fellow parents never expected the students’ response. They all silently got to their feet to show their love for Jack. Some quietly clapped their hands, while others waved to the student on the stage. Jack was able to collect his diploma, and his parents got to see their dreams come true in the best way possible.

Lou believes that everyone has a kind soul, and Jack’s class were able to show just how much their fellow student meant to them as they celebrated his diploma in the best way. It wasn’t an easy task, but it was one that everyone wanted to see work for Jack.