Community Helps An Evicted Man After He’s Forced To Hand Over His Dog

Sometimes, we are forced to make incredibly difficult decisions. It looked as though one man was going to have to hand over his beloved pup. That was until the community stepped in to save the day in the best way possible.

Community Helps An Evicted Man After He’s Froced To Hand Over His Dog

Splitting The Team

Mr. Williams has been evicted from his Georgia home with all his possessions packed into his car and $40 in his pocket. Sadly, there was someone else in the mix: his 14-year-old dog, Lucky.

Handing Him Over

Williams knew there was no way that both of them could sleep in the car, so he was forced to head to the local shelter and hand Lucky over to someone else. The staff were all devastated.

Asking For Help

Katie Corbett worked at the shelter and knew that she couldn’t stand back and watch the pair get separated. Initially, she wanted someone to foster Lucky until Williams was back on his feet. However, things were about to go a lot further.

Community Helps An Evicted Man After He’s Froced To Hand Over His Dog

Beating The Goal

Katie set up a GoFundMe page where she raised a staggering $10,000 in just two weeks. As well as getting Willaims a hotel for the week, she’d even managed to find a foster home for Lucky until they could be reunited.

Looking To The Future

Lucky is still living in his foster home, waiting for his human, while Williams has decided to use the money to invest in a vehicle that can house the pair. The rest of the funds will go towards Lucky’s joint supplements.

The shelter never thought they would be able to reunite the pair. They just wanted Lucky to be happy and cared for. However, the community came together to show that no man would be split from his dog – especially when they’d shared so many great years together.