This Couple Took Their Community Recycling Into Their Own Hands

Many of us want to do everything we can to make sure we help save the planet at all costs. When one couple noticed their community’s recycling left a lot to the imagination, they decided to take it upon themselves to make the change.

Noticing The Problem

Danny and Hannah Iwanejko live in the UK, where they both work as maintenance engineers. They were both watching ‘Planet Earth’ when they decided they wanted to do something to help the environment. The problem? Their local council’s recycling scheme wasn’t up to scratch.

This Couple Took Their Community Recycling Into Their Own Hands

Creating The Change

Hannah decided to do something and enlisted Danny’s help to make her dreams come to life. The couple worked together to build a local drop-off point for everyone in the neighborhood. Danny apparently loves to build things, so he collected scrap materials to bring the recycling cans to life.

Offering Alternatives

As well as offering up the usual recycling options, Hannah and Danny’s project also gives people a place to recycle all kinds of other things. This includes bread packets, potato chip bags, contact lenses, baby food pouches, and coffee pods. To top it off, they even have a can dedicated to Tetra Pak packaging.

This Couple Took Their Community Recycling Into Their Own Hands

Plenty Of Success

So far, the couple’s plans have been so successful that people from far and wide come to recycle their items. Hannah says that when the cans are full, she merely drives around town, dropping them off at the relevant centers. Here, they are turned into plastic pellets that get used in things such as roofing or outdoor furniture.

Sometimes, a little extra effort can go a long way. Hannah and Danny were upset about the local recycling. Now, they have created a way to help the community keep recycling more items than they ever imagined in a few easy steps. It really was that simple!