This Cop Surprised Kid With New Toys After His Got Stolen

Losing your things can be tough. How about when someone steals them? One kid thought that his favorite toys were gone for good after a burglary, but this cop surprised the youngster with a gift that he would never forget.

This Cop Surprised Kid With New Toys After His Got Stolen

On The Move

The Ramirez family were preparing to move house, but they needed to find a way to keep everything safe in the process. They decided the best thing to do was to lock everything in a storage unit. Sadly, someone broke in and took all of their belongings.

Struggling To Understand

The family’s five-year-old son, Julian, couldn’t understand where all of his things had gone. He had packed all of his toys into boxes, and now it looked as though they were never coming back. Julian kept asking, but his parents had no idea how to answer his questions.

This Cop Surprised Kid With New Toys After His Got Stolen

One Fateful Call

Julain’s mom, Nanci, decided to call the police station one last time. It had been a few days, and she hoped there was some news. While they hadn’t been able to find their belongings, Deputy Troy Smith wanted to know what Julian’s favorite toy was before it was stolen.

A Surprise Gift

Troy soon learned that Julian wanted nothing more than to have his Spider-Man toy back in his hands. The deputy knew there was no way he could leave a disappointed five-year-old, so he decided to pay the family the visit. In the bag? A set of brand new Avengers toys for the youngster.

None of the family could believe what they were seeing. Although Troy said that he did it out of the kindness of his own heart, it wasn’t long before Nanci shared the news across social media. She wanted the world to know that not everyone is out there to take from you.