Farmer Single-Handedly Builds The Community A New Road

If you’ve ever wished there was a quicker way to get from one place to another, then it might be time to take a leaf out of one farmer’s book. AFter he noticed that it was taking too long to travel around the community, he actually built a new road for the community all on his own.

Spotting The Issue

Nicholas Muchemi is a 44-year-old tea and coffee farmer living in the village Kaganda in Kenya. He watched as people had to travel around the steep hills in the area just to get across the land. It seemed crazy, and Nicholas soon had enough of seeing people struggle.

Farmer Single-Handedly Builds The Community A New Road

Working Hard

It took every evening throughout the summer to finish his road, but Nicholas was determined to make a change. Every day, he would tend to the farm before spending his evenings working on the road. To top it off, Nicholas did this all on his own and using his personal tools.

Showered With Praise

The locals were amazed by Nicholas’ work and wanted to show their gratitude. Nicholas said that he never expected anything in return, but everyone wanted to thank him in their own way. After all, he had just saved people hours of walking.

Farmer Single-Handedly Builds The Community A New Road

A Community Thanks

Before, people would have to spend hours walking around the mountain. However, one farmer had enough of it all and has given people a way to walk to the local church, for mothers to get to the market, and for children to get to school – all by himself. This community sure is lucky to have him.

To top it off, the local government gifted Nicholas a new roof for his house and a cow for the farm to say “thanks.” They also promise to gravel the road and maintain it after his hard work.