This Father Brings His 6-Year-Old Son’s Drawings To Life, And The Results Are Hilarious

Every parent thinks their child is the best kid there is and the most talented and smart. But in reality, kids are kids and not everyone is the brightest or the most talented. This father did something super cute and original; he took his sons drawings and turned them into reality, and the results are pretty terrifying. Not only did this incredibly talented father take the time to go out and get the creative juices flowing, but he also drew and uploaded the final projects on Instagram for the entire world to see.

Can you guess what this drawing is supposed to be?


Here is the realistic version this boy’s father made from his lion drawing. Looking at this monster, one really does wonder if some things should have been hidden away. But this exists now, so we might as well enjoy this horrifying amalgamation.


Next up in our exhibition we have this happy bunny man creature person. It’s not very clear whether it’s meant to be some degree of human, but we can tell it’s definitely some sort of bunny thanks to the ears that are a dead giveaway.


The father, of course, didn’t fail to deliver an equally chipper and equally terrifying drawing, brought to life, with real bunny textures, colors, and of course, nightmare fuel. It almost looks natural and comfortable in its grassy environment, which almost feels like you might happen upon one of these while walking in the park.


This masterpiece came into existence after a trip to the zoo. Can you guess which animal it is supposed to be? Is it a horse? A lion? What is this mysterious beast before us?


Why, it’s a tall, long-necked giraffe, obviously. What did you think it was?


Next up we have a pretty obvious drawing that’s clearly a vehicle; I wonder how his father will bring this to life.


Oh wow, I guess now we can say with certainty that the Fiat Multipla is not the ugliest car in the world, because this car drawing is.


What about this happy cucumber with a tail? Is it a horse?  Maybe a dog?


It’s a zebra. Well. It is a kind of horse.


If you want more of these drawings you can find them on the Instagram “ThingIHaveDrawn.”