This 104-Year-Old Fisherman Catches Himself A 94-Year-Old Girlfriend

Many of us love to believe that there is someone out there for everyone. So what happens if you don’t find your one and only until later in life? Amazingly, this 104-year-old fisherman has caught himself a 94-year-old girlfriend, and it appears as though neither of them are going anywhere.

This 104-Year-Old Fisherman Catches Himself A 94-Year-Old Girlfriend

Humble Beginnings

Harold Nelson lives in Colorado, but it appears as though there’s something that’s kept him busy over the years: fishing. That’s right; he might be 104 years old, but Harold admits that he has been a fisherman since he was 8 years old. He’s spent the majority of his time pursuing his passion ever since, and he has no plans of giving up just yet.

Fighting In The War

Sadly, Harold was one of the thousands of soldiers who found themselves a part of World War II. Harold served in the third infantry under General George S. Patton where he was shot no less than four times throughout his time in the services. Amazingly, Nelson says that’s yet another reason that he loves fishing so much as Harold has never almost lost his life while pursuing his hobby.

This 104-Year-Old Fisherman Catches Himself A 94-Year-Old Girlfriend

Meeting His Love

It wasn’t until nearly a decade ago that Nelson met someone who could keep up with his hobby, and she came as 94-year-old Jeanne God. The pair apparently met while they were traveling on a bus to a casino. Although Nelson has been fishing for longer than Jeanne has been alive, it appeared as though the couple immediately hit it off and started dating.

Plenty In Common

Nowadays, both Nelson and Jeanne confess they spend the majority of their time laughing with one another. That’s not all. They both head off on fishing trips with one another as they watch the days go by. As if that wasn’t enough, Nelson and Jeanne have almost 200 years of experience between them, meaning they still have plenty of advice to give back to the rest of the world.

They say that love always wins, and it looks as though Nelson and Jeanne have finally been able to collect their prize. For now, it seems the couple can enjoy their time planning their next fishing trip by one another’s side.