Little Girl Returns ‘Stolen’ Rock And Apologizes To Park Rangers

Many of us love to take a souvenir or two home from our vacation, but what about one that might not have been yours to take in the first place? Not only did one little girl want to return her ‘stolen’ rock, but she also wanted to apologize to the park rangers.

A Strange Package

The park rangers at Great Smoky Mountains National Park were surprised by a small package. There was no return address, and they soon learned that the parcel contained a rock. It wasn’t until the rangers found the note that they learned the truth.

Little Girl Returns ‘Stolen’ Rock And Apologizes To Park Rangers

Learning The Truth

It turned out the little girl had taken the heart-shaped rock back home after her vacation, but now she felt guilty that she had ‘stolen’ the rock and wanted it to return home. The little girl was called Karina and explained that she loved Tom Branch Falls so much that she wanted a lasting memory.

Taking It Back

The rangers couldn’t believe that Karina had sent back her rock, but they knew there was only one place it belonged: back home. Not only did the rangers take the rock back, but they also snapped photos of the stone before they placed it among the others.

Little Girl Returns ‘Stolen’ Rock And Apologizes To Park Rangers

Sharing The Message

The rangers uploaded snaps of the rock and the note to social media to thank Karina for her letter. Plus, they shared a drawing that she had done of the park. However, the rangers also used the chance to share how important it is to preserve the park.

Believe it or not, but the rangers stated that if every visitor took a rock, they would lose 11 million a year. Thankfully, Karina’s contribution and apology didn’t go unnoticed, and the rangers hope that it will help to inspire thousands of others during their visit from now on.