6-Year-Old Uses His Disney Savings To Help Hurricane Evacuees

Many of us can’t wait to fulfill our childhood dream of packing our bags and heading to Disneyworld. But one six-year-old was all ready to head off to the happiest place on Earth wound up terribly disappointed when disaster struck – but instead of weeping, he was inspired to do something amazing.

Plenty Of Savings

Jermaine Bell was just six years old in the summer of 2019. He and his family were getting ready for a trip which they’d spent years waiting and saving for from their hometown in South Carolina south to Florida for a weekend Disneyworld.

One 6-Year-Old Is Using His Disney Money To Help Hurricane Evacuees

A Sudden Disaster

Hurricane Dorian has been named as the most intense tropical cyclone that’s ever hit the Bahamas. It was so large that it wasn’t long before its wake spread across to many areas of North America. Many states issued a state of emergency, and South Carolina was no exception.

Helping Those In Need

Jermaine and his family knew they wanted to help. Rather than head off to Disney as they had planned, the Bell family used all of their savings to make food, water, and snacks for people who had been evacuated. Jermaine even helped by holding a sign at the edge of the road, saying they were giving away free supplies.

One 6-Year-Old Is Using His Disney Money To Help Hurricane Evacuees

Dreaming The Dream

The Bell family were able to help more than 100 people who had been evacuated from the area thanks to their kindness and generosity. However, the dream isn’t over. Jermaine’s mom, Lauren, says that she’s been touched by his compassion and wanted to take her son to Disneyworld, even if they have to save up for a while.

Many of us want to help in any way we can, even when that means spending all our Disney money to help hurricane evacuees.