Highest-earning YouTuber Is 8 Years Old Rating Toys, Says Forbes Magazine

Usually when we think of YouTube star, what comes to mind is a superstar like Psy. Even if it’s not a musician, it’s usually an adult who has at least 18 years of age behind them. The last person you’d expect to lead the list of the most successful YouTubers is probably a little kid, but they say the truth is stranger than fiction.

According to a report by Forbes published in early December, the highest-paid YouTube user is none other than an 8-year-old boy named Ryan. Little Ryan has a YouTube channel named “Ryan Toys Reviews” that has become the unlikely number-one money-generating channel.

Highest-earning YouTuber Is 8 Years Old

In fact, while others in the list do some impressive things, what Ryan provides to the greater public has made him a whopping $22 million in revenue.

Over 17 million users have subscribed to Ryan ToysReview ever since his parents opened the account in March of 2015. Within less than three years, his funny and cute videos have garnered over 26 billion views.

But what could be the secret to his success? There’s no way he’s the only kid reviewing toys online, and yet he is the only one this successful. NBC asked him what he thinks is the reason he is such a popular YouTuber. “I’m entertaining and I’m funny,” Ryan said with a charming smile.

The Forbes list notes that it doesn’t take into consideration factors such as taxes, fees, and other expenses his earnings are doubtlessly subject to. While that is the case, the majority of his income comes through sponsorships. His reviews are so popular that toymakers have gone to him to review their toys. It’s no wonder, because following one of his reviews, it’s not unheard of for a toy to be sold out immediately.

Highest-earning YouTuber Is 8 Years Old

Much of the revenue flowing to the pint-sized Youtuber and his entrepreneurial mother, who obviously has a big hand in his productions, is reportedly being stashed in a bank account, waiting for the day he becomes a legal adult (taking advantage of the ‘miracle of compounding,’ we assume).