This Husband Snuck His Dog Into The Hospital To Say Goodbye To His Wife

Dogs become part of the family when we adopt them. This man’s wife was coming to the end of her life in the hospital, but the dog wasn’t able to visit. To allow her to say goodbye to their four-legged friend he snuck their dog in. This Reddit user shared his heartbreaking experience with the online community.

Receiving Bad News

After being told his wife didn’t have long to live, this internet user was determined to help her. She was in serious pain and was unable to speak. When she was able to get a few words out, she convinced her husband to bring in their pet dog, so she could “see her one more time.” Dogs are not allowed in the hospital, but this husband had a cunning plan to make his wife’s wish happen.

This Husband Snuck His Dog Into The Hospital To Say Goodbye To His Wife

The Deception Begins

The husband went home and found a suitcase to hide the couple’s 50-pound Austrian Shepherd in. He coaxed the dog into the case, leaving the lid unzipped while he transported her in the car to the hospital. After arriving, the man told the dog she could see Mommy in a few minutes if she was good. He zipped up the case and strolled toward the hospital.

What’s The Case For?

When asked what he was doing with the suitcase, the man told nurses it was filled with things to make his wife more comfortable. The dog was super quiet and didn’t make a peep. They got to his wife’s room, and she was sleeping, so the man let the dog out. She immediately jumped on her owner’s chest and stayed there motionless until the man’s wife woke up.

This Husband Snuck His Dog Into The Hospital To Say Goodbye To His Wife

Saying Goodbye

The dog sprung into action when her mom woke up in pain. Sensing she needed to keep quiet, she licked to show affection for her owner. The woman forgot about her pain for a while and hugged her dog for an hour until she went back to sleep. They were busted by one nurse but she turned a blind eye, and the man smuggled the dog back out soon after.

The woman sadly passed away a few days later, and the dog doesn’t understand what has happened. The man said that whenever he grabs the suitcase the dog thinks it’s going to see its mommy again…