This Jamaican Woman Returned ATM Cash And Was Rewarded With $1.2 Million

What would you do if you found a bag of cash sitting next to an ATM? It might be hard to decide unless we find ourselves with our paws on the loot. This Jamaican woman chose to return ATM cash and was rewarded with $1.2 million as a result.

This Jamaican Woman Returned ATM Cash And Was Rewarded With $1.2 Million

Finding A Bag

Ackaisha Green has no job and has found herself in a lot of debt as she tried to pay for her two sons’ education. This meant she was left with a tough decision when she found bags filled with $5,000 and $1,000 notes in Jamaica. She could take them for herself and climb out of her debt once and for all, or she could hand them over.

Returning The Loot

Although the money would have changed her life, Ackaisha decided that she needed to hand the money back to the bank. JWN couldn’t believe it when Ackaisha walked in with such large amounts of money – especially when she explained they had just been left next to the ATM. It looked as though someone had been filling it up yet they forgot to finish the job before leaving the loot for anyone to find.

This Jamaican Woman Returned ATM Cash And Was Rewarded With $1.2 Million

An Unexpected Reward

Ackaisha didn’t think much more of the event. That was until she learned the bank had a reward for her honesty. The prize? $1.2 million, around USD 9,000. The bank wanted to thank the kind and honest stranger for returning all the money and had the perfect plan. $1 million was for her sons’ education so there would be no more family debt while $100,000 was for a new refrigerator and entrepreneurial venture, while the rest was for food vouchers.

Going To Good Use

Thankfully, the money has been enough to change Ackaisha’s life as she no longer has to worry about trying to pay for her family. Her two sons can now head off to school thanks to the added education bonus while Ackaisha herself has confessed that she might soon be heading back to school herself.

Ackaisha thought that she was doing a good deed when she handed over the ATM cash. Little did she know that her kind gesture was about to change her life forever.