Jennifer Garner & Amy Adams Reading Books Online To Fundraise

Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner, two undisputed Hollywood and national treasures, have teamed up and are helping kids that are impacted by the closing of their schools. Together, the two actresses launched Save With Stories, an effort to fundraise money directly for No Kid Hungry and Save the Children.

Both these organizations provide educational supplies and food for millions of children who rely on their schools to get them. The actresses’ initiative has a brand-new Instagram account, where they’re sharing videos of different celebrities who are reading books for children to educate, entertain, and distract both parents and kids who are practicing social distancing.

Jennifer and Amy Explained Where the Donations Are Going

Jennifer Garner & Amy Adams Reading Books Online To Fundraise

When they started their efforts to fundraise, Amy and Jen offered an in-depth explanation regarding what the donations are targeting and supporting. They posted it as the first post on their fundraiser’s Instagram page. It said that the funds would help them ensure that families could find meals when the schools were closed by supporting food banks, mobile meal trucks, and other community feeding programs. The funds will also go for educational toys, support for out-of-school programs, books and worksheets, and for helping kids make up the time they have lost being out of the classroom.

Jennifer Garner Started the Fundraiser, followed by Amy Adams

Jennifer Garner & Amy Adams Reading Books Online To Fundraise

Jen was first to fundraise by reading The Three Little Fish and The Big Bad Shark– two adorable picture books. Soon, Amy followed suit by narrating The Dinosaur Princess, which is a story written by Aviana Olea, her own nine-year-old daughter. The book was also illustrated by Darren Le Gallo, her husband.

It now seems that more big-name stars are getting involved with the heartwarming initiative, and are planning to read other books to do their part. It remains to be seen what the little children and their parents will be able to enjoy next.