Late Husband Still Sends Wife Flowers for Valentine’s Day

While Rich Cox was definitely a romantic man during his life, he made sure that his passing would not stop him from letting his wife know how much he loved her. He made certain arrangements to have flowers delivered to his wife Tracey Cox on every Valentine’s Day after that fateful day. And so, this Valentine’s day, Tracey got the flowers for the eight-time since Rich passed away in 2012.

A Valentine’s Day Gesture for Years to Come

Late Husband Still Sends Wife Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Even though the flowers are sometimes delivered a day or two early, Tracey always cries tears of joy, remembering her one-of-a-kind husband. The couple from Kentucky were married for over twenty-five years until Rich lost the three-year battle he was waging with throat cancer. He passed away at the age of 53, leaving his wife and four kids with many good memories.

It Was Love at First Sight

Rich and Tracy married in 1986, some three months after they first met. Looking back, Tracey and her daughter Bethany remember happily that Rich had made many romantic gestures over the years; having father-daughter dates, presenting lots of flowers, and giving celebratory limo rides.

Toward the end of his life, Rich renewed his vows with Tracey and took her on a dream vacation in Hawaii.

Late Husband Still Sends Wife Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Then, he planned his own funeral and made arrangements so Tracey would receive Valentine’s day flowers to remind her of his love, even after death. He died on Flag Day, which was a day filled with meaning to him because he had served in the U.S. Army and was buried with soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.

Tracey says Rich was a hard worker, running his own painting business to support the family. This allowed her to stay at home and care for their four children. When this year, the flowers came yet again, she remembered what a great husband, best friend, and soul mate Rich was.