A Kind Stranger Encourages Everyone To Learn CPR

One man has urged people to learn CPR after it helped him to save a man’s life. It could happen to anyone, just one moment someone could be okay and the next they could be on the floor in desperate need of lifesaving treatment.

A Kind Stranger Encourages Everyone To Learn CPR

He Was Just Stopping At The Store

Nate Howard has explained what happened to him and why he is now urging everyone he can to learn CPR. He recounts that he was visiting the store with his wife, it was a typical day, and he wasn’t expecting anything to go wrong. However, they noticed an older man was lying in the road, and he wasn’t getting up.

He Immediately Went To Help Him

Nate immediately rushed to his side to try and help. There was another man who had already stopped to help and was trying to find the man’s pulse but without success. The two pulled the man out of the road and started chest compressions immediately. Chest compressions are hard work, but the two kept them up for as long as they had to.

A Kind Stranger Encourages Everyone To Learn CPR

Paramedics Arrived

After a small while, Paramedics turned up and took over. They had to use a defibrillator on the man to try to save him. Thanks to Nate and the other helper, they were able to stabilize the man and get him to a hospital. It turned out that the guy had suffered from a heart attack.

He Was Contacted By The Man

Nate was told that if he hadn’t sprung into action the way he did, then the man, whose name is Stephen, wouldn’t have survived. The man plays Santa Claus every year in his hometown.

Nate explained that if he didn’t know what to do, Stephen wouldn’t be alive today, so everyone should learn CPR.