Little Girl Is Treated to a Surprise Dog Parade for Her Birthday

Anyone who has experienced a birthday in lockdown will know that it’s a little strange. You can’t invite your friends and family around for a birthday dinner, you can’t head out to your favorite restaurant, and you can’t even see the people you love in person. However, due to the sheer creativity of the human race, creative lockdown birthday celebration solutions have been found across the world — and this is perhaps one of our favorites.

Little Girl is Treated to a Surprise Dog Parade for Her Birthday

Preparing for the Big Day

Those who have children will know that it’s incredibly important to celebrate their birthdays – especially when they’re younger. Elizabeth Guthrie’s parents were concerned about the fact that her third birthday was coming up pretty fast, but any party planning had to be toned down due to lockdown measures and social distancing rules. They tried to rack their brains to work out a way that they could celebrate her birthday safely, and then they came up with the perfect solution.

A Love for Dogs

Like many people across the globe, Elizabeth loves dogs, so her parents wanted to do something that would allow the youngster to celebrate her birthday with some four-legged friends in tow. They posted a sign in their backyard asking for dog walkers in the area to take their dogs on a walk at a specific time on Elizabeth’s birthday, and they hoped that their neighbors would join them to celebrate.

Little Girl is Treated to a Surprise Dog Parade for Her Birthday

The Dog Parade

In the end, the whole community banded together to wish Elizabeth a happy birthday with their pups in tow. Many of them walked by her house, others drove by, and there were even some who made their own banners to celebrate Elizabeth’s big day. She loved every second of it, and there was no doubt about the fact that it was a birthday to remember.

Isn’t it amazing to see so many people working together for such a great cause?