This Man Built a Gateway to the Imagination in His Backyard

With the world still in lockdown and many people still off work, there’s no doubt about the fact that some individuals are using this extra time to do something they’ve always wanted to do. There are people learning a new language, there are people learning how to knit, there are others watching every single Marvel movie in chronological order, and there are even some who are getting their fingers pretty green in their backyard. This guy wanted to do something a little different, though. So, he built a ‘Gateway to the Imagination.’

This Man Built a Gateway to the Imagination in His Backyard

Learning Something New

When Kimberly Adams from Washington, D.C, was asked by her uncle about what she was doing to pass the time during the lockdown, she noted that she was learning to play piano. After all, many people are using this time to learn something new or embrace a new hobby. When she asked her uncle the same question back, she didn’t expect the answer she received – or the pictures that followed.

Gateway To The Imagination

That’s because her uncle noted that he was building a ‘Gateway to the Imagination’ in his backyard, and he had already done pretty well with it. In a large area of open space in his yard, he had used ethereal branches to create this gateway, complete with its very own door, window, and a beautiful plant for good measure. Her Uncle David looked incredibly proud of his creation, and there’s no doubt about the fact that social media loved it as well.

This Man Built a Gateway to the Imagination in His Backyard

The Next Project

As people wanted to know more about her uncle, Kimberly noted that her two uncles always use their free time to get creative. When they’re not choosing their identical outfits for the day, they are baking pies and making puddings, and their next project is to make a large dragon to go next to their doorway.

It’s amazing to see what people get up to.