One Man Drives Over 1,000 Miles To Rescue Strangers

Some people won’t rest until they know that everyone is happy. So what about when those people are total strangers? That didn’t matter as one man was willing to drive over 1,000 miles to rescue a family – even if they had never met before!

One Man Drives Over 1,000 Miles To Rescue Strangers

A Sudden Halt

Daryn Melrose was traveling with his wife and two daughters across the Australian outback when the car suddenly stopped. The two girls were on their way to a sailing championship, but the family learned their car had broken down. Plus, they were towing their trailer with the boats onboard.

Spotting The News

Rodney Sims lived 600 miles away when he saw the news of the family’s troubles on social media. He might have been halfway across the country, but Rodney was determined to put all of his goodwill to the test. Amazingly, he had a good reason for his generosity.

One Man Drives Over 1,000 Miles To Rescue Strangers

Returning A Deed

It turned out that Rodney was once in a very similar situation. It was about 30 years ago when his car broke down. Thankfully, a kind stranger stepped up to make sure Rodney was safe, and now he viewed this as his chance to give back to another family in need.

Making The Trip

Rodney traveled through Friday, collected the family and their trailer, and delivered them to the competition by Saturday. Amazingly, they made it just in time for the championships. All in all, Rodney drove around 1,200 miles to rescue people he had never met.

The family couldn’t believe they had been rescued by a stranger from across the country. Thankfully, their car was later delivered to the competition so they could take it to a local mechanic before returning home. Rodney was just happy to help. It turns out that not all heroes wear capes.