Man Organizes Trash-Collecting Tournament And Clear Up The Sea

Saving the world is something that has become more and more talked about in recent years. However, one man has a new idea about how to save the planet. Now, he has organized a trash-collecting tournament to help clear up the sea.

Man Organizes Trash-Collecting Tournament And Clear Up The Sea

Designing The Tournament

Brandon McKoy is the brainpower behind the first Kingston Harbour Trash Tournament. He is a keen sport fishing enthusiast but wanted a way to help protect the waters from the garbage. Brandon made sure that the contest was free to enter. All people needed to do was head out onto the water to collect as much waste from the sea in Jamaica as they could find.

Heading Out To Sea

It wasn’t long before many boats were out on the water while many people cheered from the shore. However, Brandon was devastated to learn that the fishermen in the contest didn’t need to sail very far to find the trash. In fact, the majority of the garbage had washed up into the mangroves. They added up the totals of the collection, and the teams brought back a staggering 11,336 pounds of trash. The winning boat brought back 1,988 pounds alone.

Man Organizes Trash-Collecting Tournament And Clear Up The Sea

Raising Awareness

Although the teams were able to bring back thousands of pounds of trash from the water, they soon realized that they had barely made a dent in the amount of garbage. Brandon confessed that one day of heavy rain would leave them all back at square one. Now, he hopes that the tournament and the amount of trash they were able to collect will be enough to raise more awareness of the growing problem.

Looking To The Future

Brandon hopes to run more of the tournaments throughout the year to help try and tackle the issue. However, he knows that prevention is much better than a cure. Now, Brandon wants to help educate others on how to dispose of their garbage. One of the many issues is disposing of refrigerators. Apparently, every boat brought back at least one, so one of the primary focuses is educating people about how to dispose of them safely.

Trash in the sea is an issue that is becoming more apparent around the world every day. Although it is a growing problem, it appears as though Brandon’s trash-collecting tournament could be the first of many initiatives to help combat the growth.