This Man Saved The Life Of A Woman Who Plunged Into A Creek And His Name Is Miracle

With all the bad stuff that goes on in the world, we sometimes need to be reminded that there are good people out there. When someone does an act of kindness for no reason than to help a stranger in need, it shows us that we’re not wrong to have faith in others. As this man proved, it’s not hard to do a selfless act, although not everyone has the benefit of being named Miracle.

This Man Saved The Life Of A Woman Who Plunged Into A Creek And His Name Is Miracle

Strange Sights In The Night

The man’s selfless act came in the middle of the night in late April 2019. 26-year-old Miracle, whose first name is Chris, was driving out of Baker County when he encountered flashing lights in the woods. As the trucker was intent on reaching his next destination, he initially ignored the sight. However, he couldn’t get more than a mile away before he realized he had to turn back. The mystery was eating at him, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Investigating The Lights

Miracle turned his truck around and parked it at a nearby church. He then ventured towards the woods where he quickly spotted the source of the flashing lights. A car had veered some 40 yards off the road and ended up in a ditch. Fearful that someone was stuck inside, the trucker hurried over and checked out the collision. It was there he discovered an unnamed woman trapped in the vehicle, and she was desperate for some help. Thankfully, a miracle had come to save her.

This Man Saved The Life Of A Woman Who Plunged Into A Creek And His Name Is Miracle

Praying For A Miracle

Wasting no time, the man opened the door and helped the woman out. She was in her seventies and in no condition to be driving at night. However, after having a problem with her medication, she’d ended up stuck with no means of escape. She couldn’t get out of the car, and no-one had been around to help her. With only her faith keeping her going, she’d switched on the vehicle’s hazard lights and hoped for a miracle. Thankfully, her prayers were answered.

Following the crash, the woman was admitted to the hospital and checked over by the doctors. Thankfully, she was given the all-clear and is now recovering at home. She’s incredibly grateful that Miracle came to her aid, and the two of them believe his intervention was a sign. They’re firm in their stance he was doing God’s work that night.