This Man Spent $800 Of Their Joint Vacation Fund And His Wife Had A Heartwarming Reaction

Some of us save all our extra pennies all year to head on vacation. So what about if your partner spent $800 of your fund without telling you?

Noticing The Issue

This teacher saw many students come and go from his class, but there was one that stood out more than the others. The student would always arrive wearing the same sneakers and hoodie. Although the teacher initially thought it was a fashion trend, he soon began to worry as the weather turned colder.

This Man Spent $800 Of Their Joint Vacation Funds And This Was His Wife’s Reaction

Learning The Truth

The teacher wanted to discover the truth, so asked the student to stay behind after class. It turned out that it wasn’t a fashion statement at all, but a necessity. The student confessed that he lived with his grandpa and had a job at Chick-Fil-A when he wasn’t in class just to try and cover the bills.

Offering His Help

The teacher immediately knew he had to help. There was only one thing to do: take $800 out of his vacation find to hand to the student. The teacher soon arrived at the student’s house and waited for him and his grandpa so they could all drive to the store for a new wardrobe and a refrigerator full of groceries.

This Man Spent $800 Of Their Joint Vacation Funds And This Was His Wife’s Reaction

Breaking The News

The problem? The teacher shared the vacation find with his wife and had taken the money without asking. Now, he was left to explain why there was such a huge chunk of money missing from the account. The teacher stated how he hoped that his wife would understand, but they could now only travel for six days instead of their planned eight.

This Man Spent $800 Of Their Joint Vacation Funds And This Was His Wife’s Reaction

A Warming Reply

Thankfully, his wife soon had a reply that showed the world the true kindness of this couple. In fact, the teacher’s wife admitted that she was incredibly proud of her husband, but that wasn’t all. She even asked her husband if the student and his grandpa had somewhere for Christmas because there were always two spare seats at their table for the pair.

Sometimes, what can seem like a small act of kindness can change someone’s entire life. This student was about to learn that teachers can be humans, too – some with even bigger hearts than the rest.