This Man Woke Up From An Operation With A Random Cat Cuddling Him

When life is getting you down sometimes, all it takes is one big hug from someone, and your worries just disappear. Life can really be a struggle, so it’s the little things that make it all seem okay. This man was not in the best way after having an operation, but when he woke up, he found his life to be a million times better. Why was his life better? Because a random cat was cuddling him!

This Man Woke Up From An Operation With A Random Cat Cuddling Him

Leaving Her Husband Behind

This man was left at home by his wife following a trip to the hospital where he underwent an operation. The man was discharged and planning on recovering by getting some rest on his couch. His wife left him for a while, but when she got back, she found her husband cuddling with this cat. It wouldn’t be that strange if it was the couple’s cat, but they don’t even own one.

Posting The Picture To Twitter

The man’s son, Andrew Falloon, a politician from New Zealand, thought he would share what happened to his dad on Twitter. He said his dad was recovering from his operation and when his mother left the house, she had left their door every so slightly ajar. When she returned, she found this cat cuddling up to her husband even though she knew it didn’t belong to them. Andrew Falloon even confirmed that his parents don’t have a cat to his followers.

This Man Woke Up From An Operation With A Random Cat Cuddling Him

Not A Cat Person

There tends to be two different kinds of people in life, those who love cats and those who love dogs. Falloon claimed his father was not much of a cat person, but by the looks of this cute picture, he’s changed his mind. Not that we can blame him.

If we were feeling a little under the weather, we wouldn’t complain if a cute cat decided it wanted to come and snuggle with us. It seems that after leaving the door slightly ajar, the cat decided it would invite itself inside and make Falloon’s parents’ house its own.

We aren’t sure who is helping who here as they are both getting something out of this arrangement. It looks as though Falloon’s mother will have to nip out once more and get some cat food as that kitty looks like it wants to stay.