This Woman Hit The Lotto Twice, But It Gets Weirder…

Playing the lottery is something most people do casually. Others might only give it a try when the jackpots are multi-million dollar digits. After all, everyone hopes that one day he or she will be lucky enough to have those special numbers called. Besides, someone has to win!

Well, good fortune stuck twice for one family. This woman, from Michigan, won a total of $250,000 back in 2010. While it is no billion-dollar payment, it is a life-changing amount of money. Like many of us, the winner explained how apparently the numbers she used were a combination of dates that were important to her. It only made sense for her to continue playing those same individual digits.

She said she buys a KENO ticket every single month and at the age of 72, she’s doing pretty well. She said, “With each number that was read, I got more and more excited! When my 10th number was read, I was in shock.” She rang up the hotline after she realized she had all these matches out of the 22 numbers and took home her prize on a Tuesday evening. This incredible event happened just before Black Friday — talk about a shopping spree! What would she spend her money on? Or would she save it to buy some more lottery tickets?

The grateful lady would be spending this money, and she was excited to buy some new furniture for her house. So, is there a trick to winning the lottery, and is there a trick to winning it twice? The experts actually have some advice on this form of gambling and how you should play the game. It looks like this lucky player had the right idea because experts have said that they advise people to stick with the same numbers over time if you are a regular in the lottery. Go and buy your lottery ticket today!