Model Risked Her Life and Broke the Law For the Perfect Photo

How far would you go to take a great photo? In this day in age when people post photos by the millisecond, there is a lot of value in capturing the right moment. Anyone who ever said modeling is easy, has not seen one model in action. Russian model Viki Odintcova went to extreme lengths to catch the perfect photograph. Her Instagram videos captured the model dangling off the ledge of a 73-story building in the United Arab Emirates. Just the photos are enough to get your heart racing. The thrill-seeking model would do almost anything to get the perfect shot! Take a look below.

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The Russian model worked with a team of stuntmen and cameramen to capture the right moment. Odintcova first practiced posing on land by rehearsing how she would grip the photographer’s hand as she leaned back into thin air. After some practice, the model and her crew climbed to the top of the Cayan Tower in Dubai, an 1,000 foot building! Already the team did not have permission to be on top of the building and they were not planning on going up a second time so she only had one chance to get the right shot.

Somehow, the model found the courage to trust the man holding her by the forearm enough to lean back. She closed her eyes and was able to capture an image of complete serenity.

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Just when you thought the model risked enough, she decided to take the stunt one step further. Odintcova proceeded to climb off of the ledge of the building while holding on to her spotter’s forearm, the only thing stopping her from falling. Again she leaned back, one arm free, while the other arm held on for dear life as her feet dangled in the wind.

Somehow the model lived to tell the tale.

Below is the full video of the stunt.