Grateful Mom Showers School With 120 Dresses In Appreciation

Helen Burley, a caring mom who couldn’t hide her excitement has decided to express her appreciation by donating 120 dresses to staffs and students in her son’s high school in New Zealand.

According to her, she and Dan her son, with her husband all moved to Taranaki in New Zealand, from Auckland three years ago. She explained that her son had been performing woefully at all other places they went before they got to Opunake High School in Taranaki where he finally broke the ice.

Grateful Mom Showers School With 120 Dresses In Appreciation

Much to her irritation, Helen Burley’s son had been at a 10 decile school and they were so much that the teacher didn’t even know his name. He knew next to nothing and nobody gave him any attention or bothered. As if those were not enough, he was often bullied and made to feel like a failure. It’s just nobody’s business if he became anything or not.

But the moment he joined Opunake High School, Dan didn’t just improve extraordinarily, he developed a deep passion for Engineering and Mathematics and lived up to their demands. He became so good at these fields and performed extraordinarily to the surprise of everyone.  ‘He has been offered admission by three different universities’ Helen disclosed with delight.

Grateful Mom Showers School With 120 Dresses In Appreciation

In her own way of showing appreciation, Helen picked the school’s ball to express her ‘thank you’. She arranged 120 dresses from her dress store in Auckland and showered them on the girls.

To spice up her gift, Helen also decided to accompany her gifts with designs. So she arranged for hairdressers to make the 13-year-old girls up for the senior balls.

‘I thought we could spice it with adorable decorations, so I arranged for make-up artists and hair stylists to help dress the girls for the ball coming up in august’ she confirmed.