This Neighborhood Threw An Epic Party For The Mailman When He Retired

Floyd Martin had been working as a mailman in Georgia for three decades and has been serving the same route for the last 20 years. However, it was finally time for him to retire, but not without an epic party.

This Neighborhood Threw An Epic Party For The Mailman When He Retired

A Different Story

There can be many moments that define our lives, but Floyd Martin knew just what changed his. He was working at the bank when he took the postal service test. It took a few years before USPS offered him a job. Although Floyd was already working, USPS offered to double his salary. Floyd jumped at the new opportunity.

His Usual Round

Floyd has been serving the same round for two decades, and many of the locals have now become his friends. One young girl dressed up as the mailman for her career day, while the dogs and cats all wait for their treat every morning.

Surprise Decorations

The neighbors wanted to make sure that Floyd knew how much they loved him, so they decided to decorate their mailboxes for his last shift. To top it off, many of the locals had bought gifts and were delivering them to Floyd for a change.

This Neighborhood Threw An Epic Party For The Mailman When He Retired

A Huge Party

That wasn’t all. The neighbors were all ready and waiting for Floyd t arrive at his final stop on the shift only for the mailman to discover they had all thrown a huge street party in his honor. Amazingly, there were more than 300 people all there to wave him off.

Looking To The Future

Floyd admits that it will be strange no longer delivering the mail. Although he has no children, Floyd says that he has 500 houses worth of kids thanks to the mail round. Now, he hopes that people will smile whenever they think of him and the mail.

Giving Back

One of Floyd’s dreams is to head off to Hawaii with his new freedom. The neighbors wanted to make it happen. They set up a GoFundMe page where $26,000 was raised in just one day, and more than $32,800 has been raised altogether.

Some people might seem like strangers passing in the moment, but it might not be long before they become a huge part of our lives. Thankfully, this neighborhood wanted to show their love and appreciation for their mailman by throwing him the best party for his retirement.