An Organization Has Planted Over 250 Million Trees

Some of us do what we can to help the planet here and there. Others have made it their life mission to make sure they leave the best impact they can on Earth. It turns out that one organization has planted over 250 million trees in the hope of turning things around.

An Organization Has Planted Over 250 Million Trees

Creating Their Idea

Steve Fitch is the mastermind behind the Eden Reforestation Project. Steve wanted to find a way to repopulate the Earth’s natural landscape while also giving back to local communities. It wasn’t long before he decided to hire people from the local areas as the workers to plant and care for the new trees. Now, the non-profit organization has projects all across the world.

Making Lasting Plans

Steve wanted to do more than give back to the planet. He also wanted to make sure the communities had an economy as well as the skills to carry on caring for the project. Now, everyone who works with the project earns their wage as well as everything they need to know about caring for the plants and maintaining the new landscape.

An Organization Has Planted Over 250 Million Trees

Looking To The Future

Believe it or not, but the Eden Reforestation Project recently hit an incredible target: they have planted 250 million trees. However, Steve still has high hopes for the future. Yes, he hopes that in a few years, they will be planting no less than 250 million trees a year. It might have taken 15 years to reach this stage, but Steve has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

It all started as an idea. However, planting the seed of his plan was all it took for Steve to get the wheels in motion and show the world there is hope of coming back from years of deforestation. In fact, in less than two decades, the Eden Reforestation Project has transformed landscapes.