This Principal Wanted To Quit Until Student Changed Her Mind

Have you ever had one of those times when you just want to quit your job? This principal was going through a rough patch until one student turned her entire life around.

Ready To Leave

Nadia Lopez works as a principal in Brownsville, New York City, but it seemed as though things were getting tough. The teacher felt as though she was no longer making an impact at the school and wanted to hang up her belt for the final time.

This Principal Wanted To Quit Until She Heard What One Student Said About Her

Heading To Broadway

Like many city residents, Nadia headed off to Broadway with her daughter. It wasn’t long before she was in trouble. Nadia kept checking her phone as she was flooded with texts and calls, but the theater officials wanted her to turn it off. Nadia’s daughter insisted she found out why there was so much commotion during the interval.

A Troubled Area

Brownsville has one of the highest crime rates across the city with many youngsters dropping out of school. However, the Humans of New York photoblog aims to bring these people to life. Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind it all, now snaps residents across the city and posts their photos alongside their personal quotes.

This Principal Wanted To Quit Until She Heard What One Student Said About Her

Touching Tribute

It wasn’t until he spoke to Vidal Chastanet, a 13-year-old, that Nadia realized her impact on the community. Vidal confessed that his principal, Ms. Lopez, was the most influential person in his life. Not only did he feel as though Nadia made every student at the school matter, but she also gives them hope to continue with their education.

Feeling Hopeful

At last, Nadia had the sign that she needed to continue being the principal of the school. Although her mother had told Nadia to pray for answers, it wasn’t until she learned the student’s real thoughts on her impact at the school that she had the hope to carry on.

It can be easy to forget to tell the ones we love how much they mean to us, but sometimes those small words of kindness can change someone’s entire world. Nadia was ready to leave. However, one student’s honesty was enough to make her stay for a lifetime.