This Hilarious Pug Locked His Owner Out Of Her Own Car

Pugs – they’re pretty great, right? They can be perfect additions to many homes, but it seems as though one pug was about to land himself in hot water after he locked his owner out of her own car – but just look at his face!

The Sudden Moment

Monica Garcia was traveling in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas, with her pug, Pete. However, it was one small mistake that was about to change her day. Monica got out of the car only to realize that Pete had somehow locked the door with her purse and cell phone trapped inside!

This Hilarious Pug Locked His Owner Out Of Her Own Car And Look At His Face!

Send Pics

Thankfully, Monica grabbed her iPad and text the family’s group chat. She was desperate to get hold of someone to help but had no way to make calls. She needed AAA – and fast. Her son, Nick, couldn’t believe what had happened and wanted a photo for evidence.

The Face Of Happiness

Monica obliged, and the world was soon going to get a glimpse of the ultimate face of happiness. It looked as though Pete had made himself at home on the driver’s seat as this proud pug starred on, apparently satisfied at completing his mission.

This Hilarious Pug Locked His Owner Out Of Her Own Car And Look At His Face!

A Long Wait

Although the family had been able to contact AAA, Monica was forced to wait for three hours until they arrived. Her keys were inside the car, and the engine was running yet there was nothing she could do. Thankfully, Monica had Pete beside her the entire time for company.

Internet Fame

It wasn’t long before Nick uploaded the snap to social media and the world immediately fell for Pete and his prankster ways. The pug was about to become one of the most loved on the internet after his small act of rebellion caused Monica’s day to take a turn that she never expected.

Dogs might cause mischief every now and then, but what would we do without our four-legged friends by our side? It looks as though Pete might have to be kept on a tighter leash next time his humans want to take him out for a ride in the car.