Rescue Farm In Texas Brings Together Children And Animals With Special Needs

One family-run rescue farm just outside of Austin in Texas is doing something quite incredible, both for the animals they care for and for children with special needs. This is how Safe in Austin is making a big difference to lives across the country.

Rescuing Animals

Safe in Austin was set up by Jamie Wallace Griner, who had a mission to rescue animals that had been abused or neglected. Her plan was to rehome the ones that could be, then provide a “safe and loving home for the rest.” After launching the rescue farm in 2014, Jamie has been working on rescuing as many animals as she can. All animals are welcome, no matter what their condition, and she currently has rescues that are blind, deaf, have missing limbs, and even cerebral palsy.

Special Needs

What the team at Safe in Austin have found, is that many animals that are unable to be rehomed tend to have specific needs and need a lot more care. While they look after these animals at the farm, they also have a unique program that ensures they get the love they deserve. Jamie brings together both children and rescue animals who have similar special needs, or who have also come from a background of abuse or neglect.

Unconditional Love

What started off as a connection between her son Jackson and a service dog called Angel, grew into something much bigger for Jamie. She realized what a positive impact these animals could have on children, but also what they could get in return. She explained that animals are able to provide “unconditional love” to anyone that needs it and was determined to continue forging bonds.

Jamie now has dozens of incredible stories about bonds she’s helped create between special needs children and animals on her rescue farm. Long may the good work continue!