This Whole School Learned Sign Language To Welcome New Deaf Student

Your school days can often be considered the most important days of your life, so it’s important that every school across the world makes sure that every student in every classroom gets an equal chance of a happy and successful education.

One particular school in Maine has really pushed the boat out when it comes to making sure every student is welcomed with open arms and an open heart – especially new students who often find it overwhelmingly daunting. So what did the school do?

This Whole School Learned Sign Language To Welcome New Deaf Student

Dayton Consolidated School

Well, one day, Dayton Consolidated School in Dayton, Maine, welcomed a 6-year old student named Morey Belanger. It was a special day for everyone as Morey was the school’s first-ever deaf student. To make her feel most at home and accommodate her needs, they made sure the whole school was aware of her condition and did their best to make sure she felt just like everyone else.

To do so, the school installed a hearing assistive system and carried out extra training to all staff to ensure they were able to communicate with her when necessary. However, it wasn’t just the teachers who learned sign language. All students had to learn at least 20 words too!

This Whole School Learned Sign Language To Welcome New Deaf Student

Teaching Sign Language

Learning posters were put up on the walls all over the school, and some teachers even used up their free time to take lessons. The extra effort was totally worth it, and Morey’s first day at school was an absolute success. The schools Principal Kimberly Sampietro has since spoken out about Morey’s arrival, calling her such a wonderful addition to the school’s community.

Speaking to ABC News, Principal Sampietro said: “Morey helped out the students to learn the alphabet. The kids have completely embraced her. They all look up to her, they want her around, and every one of them wants to partner up with her.”

To reward the students’ hard work, a Disney princess was invited in for the day to sing for them, bringing joy to their faces. Principal Sampiertro added: “We wanted to show our students that this isn’t just something they can only speak with Morey. Signing is something which happens in all kinds of life settings.”