This Server Sat And Ate With A Lonely 91-Year-Old Diner

Time is just something we can’t stop, no matter how hard you try. With old age comes the loss of friends, family, and sometimes even normal bodily functions such as your hearing abilities. While many elderly people try and maintain the life they once had as they get older, sometimes they need a little extra help to see the positives in life. That’s exactly why this server went and sat with a lonely 91-year-old diner.

This Server Sat And Ate With A Lonely 91-Year-Old Diner

An Onlooker

This story first came to light in August 2019, when a Pennsylvania native by the name of Lisa Meilander wrote about her experience at the Eat’n Park diner near their home. As she sat with her family, she noticed an elderly man eating all alone in the booth next to him. They later learned that he was a 91-year-old World War II veteran.

A Helping Hand

Lisa noted within her Facebook post that she didn’t really take notice of the man until their server went to his table to ask for his order. It was at this point that the elderly man apologized for not being able to hear properly because he had left his hearing aids at home. The man seemed to enjoy having someone to talk to, but he apologized to the server for talking too much. He confessed that, now that he was alone, he didn’t have many people to talk to.

This Server Sat And Ate With A Lonely 91-Year-Old Diner

Sitting With Him

The server didn’t seem to have a problem with the man’s talking and later came back to the man on his break. He noted that he didn’t have anything to do on his break and that he would love to sit down with him and listen to his stories. This put a huge smile on the man’s face.

This story is incredibly heart-warming. It’s always good to remember that some people just need a chat.