Three Times That The Smallest Acts Of Kindness Made The Biggest Difference

It can be easy to wake up, head to work, and head home without thinking about other people. But what if making time for a small act of kindness could be all it took to make the biggest difference in someone else’s life?

This Is How The Smallest Acts Of Kindness Can Make The Biggest Difference

Being The Support

Carol Gee had only been living in her new town for six months when her husband was rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack. Carol was alone and frightened. She had no one around her as she waited day after day for her husband’s medical results. That was until Carol looked up and saw an unexpected face: her boss. It turned out that she worked as a physician and wanted to make sure that Carol had someone there as she waited for the results and her boss even went to the effort of explaining all those medical terms.

Heading To Prom

Jessica Melore was ready to attend her prom when an unexplained heart attack made her lose her leg and get fitted with an electric heart pump. It looked as though Jessica’s life was slowly getting back to normality as she headed back to school and was preparing for prom while waiting for a heart transplant. Sadly, she was rushed to the hospital a few days before prom. Jessica was devastated that she’d miss her nail appointment, but a nurse was soon on the case. All of a sudden, the teenager had a French manicure, so she was ready to make it to the big dance.

This Is How The Smallest Acts Of Kindness Can Make The Biggest Difference

Learning Grace

James Marshall was working with his brother when things took a turn. It looked as though James wanted to help grow the company, but his brother wanted to keep things the way they were. The result? James walked out of his job without giving his brother time to find a replacement. A few months went by, and the lack of work meant that James ran out of oil to heat his house. Without missing a beat, his brother had a tank delivered without his brother ever knowing – and showing that siblings are always there for one another.

They might seem like small acts of kindness, but our actions can have significant impacts on other people’s lives. We never know how our interactions might turn their lives around.